My wife is a bit possessive about us catching some Wednesday night TV together at night so I just caught up with last night's Live. Great stuff! It's really good to have an off season program planned, and I'm looking forward to the structure and encouragement, motivating and inspiring us to keep working on the basics and weak points! Man, I so much identify with @deletedmember 's views on gyms!! I just can't do it. Not running either! It's also good to have some clarification on the app/ new members and I'm sending links to the vid to some trials recruits I know to see if we can get them into the community. I think a lot of guys baulk at spending $160 on a subscription but it's nothing compared to other costs of the sport and it's absolutely worth it - participation in this community honestly makes the whole experience better on every level. It has grown my skills so much (and I feel privileged to be a 60yr old learner/ amateur who's skill level is actually increasing! Albeit slowly ...) and very time I'm with other guys struggling with basics I have heaps of Neil's tips bursting out of my head! Cheers guys.

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-11-04 00:02:45 UTC