TONIGHTS SHOW will be streamed to the community as well as the normal locations! youtube link is below! you will get a notification in the community. The Silly Season and Its BIG Advantage - Neil Price LIVE Ok most of the season is coming to an end and we fast approach the silly season! WOW doesn't it come fast. Before you know it, it will be March and you wont have ridden for months! Now everyone is in the same boat, but YOU can take advantage of that! There is so much progress to be made on your opposition. But for most of us that has to be juggled with all the expectations of Life. So we have a chat about a few things and encourage you to join me on my Off Season Training Program! we will do this on my online coaching community - Download the app today from the Apple and Google Play stores. The cost is $100 USD for a full years access to every thing we do in the community. But we will outline plenty tonight for you to take advantage of the Silly season! Join in tonight and have a chat, we would love to hear from you so please do comment and ask away! A live Off-Road Motorcycle coaching show dedicated to helping you develop and build your own skill set for Adventure riding, Enduro, Hard Enduro and Trials. Hosted by trials riders Neil and Jessica Price, you get the low down on how things work, and how to progress your own development. Every Wednesday night at 6pm (+8GMT Perth/Singapore Time) Neil rides Gas Gas, Get on the Gas!!

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-11-03 08:57:42 UTC