A Message to all the founding Members!! There are some Changes happening! First up many of you have asked about when can we tell our friends about this! Well now you can. The app is in both app stores and has been for a little while. I explain in the video why i have struggled for time to put into the app. But now I have the time to commit to it and I am keen to push on with it! It really has been such a rewarding experience to help you guys! From here there will be a bunch of changes that will occur in the app. The next week will see a number of them happening. The app is in both app stores Google Play and Apple. Just search neilprice.com If you guys can jump in there and leave a review it will be awesome! Also for those of you who have youtube channels etc. I will be setting up trackable links (affiliate links just not automated), with rewards, so if you want to hop on that let me know!! I really look forward to providing a the best coaching and support that i can to you guys and providing you with the best community of like minded people who want to ride the best they can! Thank you!!

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-11-03 08:57:28 UTC