Out playing around tonight. Seeing guys like Pat Smage or Toni Bou do 180's and they make it look so easy. The amount of physicality to get even just 90ish degrees is insane. Now I know on my part there is a lot of bad technique so that adds to how hard I got to work. The more I learn the more I learn I know so very little, and the more it makes me realize just how insanely good the top level riders are. Heck even local experts for that matter. Trying to ride their lines and seeing how hard it is, and then watching them struggle with things while knowing how good they are, and then comparing it to the top guys in the world... WOW my mind is blown even more than your's is while reading this horrible run on sentence and wondering how it is I even manage to tie my boots in the morning.....hint... I don't....they zip🤣

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-11-03 01:12:28 UTC