@Neil Price One more upload based on today's practice. It is all slow motion video. I tried to keep it a short video. Hopefully this helps in feedback when you get a chance. Again no rush. This clips aren't in order, but just a sampling of the many times I attempted this today. I did work on, not sure if any of these particular vids reflect it, starting later, getting my rpms up sooner, and holding them instead of a slow rise and a final twist before going. I felt this allowed for more feedback in the clutch release/ traction. Almost as if I could stage the clutch. Idk if I should, but it seemed to help resist the immediate tire spin on initial Go, and then once the bike started moving I was able to give it the rest. Wise or not I am not sure, but by getting the rpms up sooner it opened the door to do this. It was something I noticed and felt I did in the moment, but didn't consciously decided to do or control. It just was... Also I am aware of my sympathetic squeeze of the front brake lever. Starting to switch active thought to correcting this some as I know there are times I want my front spinning in the air. Also no sense in pushing the front tire for a few milliseconds before it lifts. I am a motorcyclist and not a plow after all 🤣.

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-11-01 02:16:34 UTC