@Jenna_Lupo FEEDBACK Jenna you have improved heaps! I am really impressed at the effort to work on the hard, and "not fun" stuff! Australian riders generally suck badly at their hopping. I hope this feedback video helps. Key learnings For short run up and transitioning from balanced to take off; - difference in weight bias forward v back - Forward, you feel more, but can be a little less stable - Back, is more stable (ie turning the bars has less effect) but its harder to feel - Turn front wheel against the rut, not cradled across it. For Hopping the front wheel - Change focus to single hops to perfect the technique - bring the bike to your body then put it down to the side you want - don't try to move the bike sideways from the ground. - SINGLE BRICK EXERCISE

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-10-28 05:30:27 UTC