Hey guys, I need some help! This week I’ve been working on setting up in small spaces, and short run ups to obstacles. The first couple of vids are of my good side and then bad side. Sorry for the crappy framing 😂 Do we have any tips on: - transitioning from balancing with the wheel turned, to taking off with it straight, without it upsetting my balance. It seems to put me off balance every time, is there a specific technique/ body position that will make it easier? - hopping the back wheel from stand still. I find it difficult to get the lift without momentum. The girls overseas make it look effortless. It is certainly not effortless 😫 The last two vids are me back to struggle town with my front wheel hops, learning my bad side. I need to keep my back brake locked on, but that seems to cause my knee to cave inwards which means I can’t mirror the technique I use to the left. I’ve added it in slow mo if that helps identify any other bad habits. I can’t seem to make it work, so any tips are very welcome!

Posted by Jenna_Lupo at 2021-10-26 06:07:46 UTC