Time-wise, my biggest input to the trials hobby has been clearing more bits of scrub to open up new areas/ lines for riding, and this week I started on something I've been eyeing off for a long time - clearing the regrowth around some boulders just below our main track. I was just going to do it "a bit at a time" but once I start, it really gets me sucked in and I slave away at it for hours at a time. And I tend to see "just another bit" and digress onto opening up other side tracks over a log or a rocky bit etc. Anyway I finished today. I got more done than I'd planned, and it looks great, and I am very tired and stiff! There's still a lot of leaf litter and debris that we'll sort out in time but it's a great achievement. There are a couple of nasty looking log piles and rock spots that I'll extend into in time but I'm going to quit the clearing now. There's more stuff to play with than we can use in one day! I'll see if I can post a few "before and after" photos. Unfortunately I didn't think to take the "before" photos until I'd already cut some small trees down. This is just the edge near the track. The cleared patches / tracks extend a lot further.

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-10-21 12:46:14 UTC