OK, I'll apologise in advance - a little video frenzy today. First, a collection of recent wins for me. First up is part of a section I've been working at for probably 6 months. This part is on a steepish hillside (if I tip the bike in over the little log the peg catches and stops the bike). I've really struggled to get drive over the log and maintain the turn. Next is my big rock which you may have seen in previous videos. This punch worked so well I think I'll retire and rest on my laurels. Haha. And on my 59th birthday too. Then a bit of a warm up punch today on an elevated log - not such a good job, but OK. Finally another instalment in my mission to ride the big stump. I've previously had a big ramp on the 'down' side to enable me to more confidently work on the punch, then a ramp on the 'up' side to allow me to get confident with the carry & drop off. Now I've filled the undercut to get confident punch, carry and drop off. Last step will be remove the filler. This was my second attempt - it actually got worse from there on so I quit for the day pretty soon after. Getting these little wins (and having a record of them to remind myself) is definitely a motivator, and just continues to reinforce how much I value the input from Neil and everyone else in here. https://vimeo.com/627357756

Posted by Peter Mack at 2021-10-09 12:15:11 UTC