I haven't made any video worth posting for a while, but not because I haven't filmed, just that each time I go over it I see something I need to work on. That's been one of the best things out of this coaching community - I actually film stuff and look at it critically and see things to work on. It's nearly always an eye opener seeing the picture rather than the imagined picture. Anyway, yesterday I shot a couple of clips. One playing around with trying to hug the bottom of the bank, I've got lots to work on from watching that, just a little sample here. The other getting back onto my double step which I've largely ignored the past few weeks. It improved through the session but I'm a little unsure what to really work on to step it up further. I'm thinking get the first punch better (lower impact), but not too sure where to go with the second step. I started playing with trying to carry the front all the way through but mostly for a bit of fun. @Neil Price ? I haven't been neglecting my other homework, just nothing particularly interesting to see there at present. :-) https://vimeo.com/626422764

Posted by Peter Mack at 2021-10-08 11:55:31 UTC