It’s a goal of mine to move up to A grade in the next few years. Something that is a big feature in A grade (and something that scares the life out of me) is the punch to carry technique. I’ve been trying to really refine my punch technique, while also trying to be in control of the front wheel carry on top. You can see in my slow mo that I punch my wheel higher than most people recommend, but that’s what works for me. I’ve only just started to feel like I can control the front wheel as it comes down, hopefully there will be a time soon that I will always be in control 😂 I’m really not comfortable at all when it comes to carrying off anything. Please share any tips you have to help with this!! The last couple of vids are of my attempts of a wedge on the same rock. I think this is a great back up skill since we can’t roll back and have another go at a trial. I couldn’t quite get it clean, but I’m super happy with the back wheel lift I got and I felt like I was in control of the whole forwards and upwards motion (until the upwards kept going and going 😂) Obviously the road to a higher grade is a long one, and I have only just become comfortable B grade. But I’d like to start working on my weaknesses early so that the transition to A is more comfortable. I really encourage you guys to step out of your comfort zone for a minute while you’re training. You can surprise yourself with what you can do!!

Posted by Jenna_Lupo at 2021-10-04 10:04:53 UTC