@Neil Price If you could kindly overlook the fact this looks very much like me misbehavin in class.... Would you mind a text reply on physical form? So Stacy isn't home and I was "just warming the bike up" for an oil change. Figured I'd grab a helmet and start my long road to better form. I mucked about with slow wheelies, trying to be more up right, trying to keep from being all spaghetti armed, playing with different blends/intensities of throttle/clutch combos, quick leg movements, slow leg movements, falling back(better said as rotating with the bike) as the front lifts with none spaghetti arms, applying leg pressure as I apply rear brake to set the front down..., and several more variations on all that. This was my last effort. I went for a "very aggressive" RSGish move. This was the result. Essentially it was a very mini splatter. Not the intent, but the result. Not wanting any input on that as like you said I'm not ready to pursue that yet. I am curious as I feel some of the form issues have improved some. Still a bit hunched over on the squat. To not be I " feel" like I need to be almost in a sitting like position. I can feel the weakness of core and knees in trying to get a straighter back. This will take some time to work out. I did try to not let the bike run away as much from me ,and I tried to keep my arms from snapping straight and then making a huge pull back up to the bike. There is still a considerable amount, but I think it is better. All I'm wanting (of course add whatever you'd like) is a clarification, or confirmation that I am understanding suggestions and heading, if only ever so minutely, in the direction you intended. Well intended minus the over zealous throttle application ...oops lol. I want to make sure I am not further reinforcing bad technique, but moving in the right direction. PS I know you are basing the "too far forward" on chin to bar relation to some extent. As far as rounded back you are very right there, but keep in mind I have a massive ribcage and back for my overall size. Years of poor technique have resulted in a very over developed and now rounded upper back. I've had many a chiropractor as me "what the heck have you been doing" and comment about the imbalance of muscle structure. I was told due to my age there are things I can do to help balance things out some, but at this point everything is kinda set. Hopefully the exercises you've suggested can do something to improve the situation and get me on the track to fixing the over reliance on my shoulders/arms/upper back.

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-10-01 21:33:06 UTC