@Shawn McGinnis FEEDBACK VIDEO This a really good video that shows how the Basics are so important, even for a rider at Shawns level. This is really the core of the RSG action. Creating that lever effect of pulling on the bars and pushing through the pegs and forcing the back wheel into the ground, in time with the clutch release. Key learnings - Not Levering the bike in the RSG Action - Ride Technique before Splatting - Posture for more power Key Points to Progress from here for Shawn 1. Get the squat more Vertical to get more leverage 2. Do the 5 Squats on the bike with your toe on the brake and hands on the back of your head so you can feel the position slightly more back 3. After the action is corrected then slowly get comfortable with being closer to the step.

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-09-29 11:31:00 UTC