Hey @Neil Price I know this is not the Feelings or slow wheelie, but I was hoping for a follow up on my wall efforts. Don't need tons of input (I hope lol). I have tried to reign in my preGO lazy clutch finger causing me to pre-accelerate as I start the wind up(hoping this helps me as I get back to working on splatters some day), and I have tried to go a little later. My # Feelings lol on this are waiting for a bit closer is requiring a more physical effort to get the bike to rotate quick enough. Also I wonder if the slanted wall is making it hard to not hit my sump on as it keeps the front tire from contacting it. The times my front tire has impacted it were times I failed to rotate and instead drive the wheel into the top and slap the bash on the edge(more forward less rotate). I also tried a few times to hold my legs straight longer. The result was "SCARY". My legs still collapsed about the same time as seen in this video, but went back to applying pressure as the load on them reduced. This lead to me holding the front tire in the air as the rear regained traction and crested the top. Great except I don't exactly have a ton of runway up there and I struggled to get ready for the drop off in time. I suppose after describing my results my questions/ comments are 1. Too early still? 2. Seeing as at best I am matching the angle of the wall with the bike should I shoot for looping out more? I assume should the front tire make a little contact (with good roation, not just from driving in too much) it would naturally cause the rear to move up under the front more and direct a little more energy into a upward drive and delay the rear rebound a bit?. 3. I am using first here and maybe being borderline too aggressive? I am unsure of that part yet. 4. I do like hearing my Vertigo rev a little and am glad to be getting comfortable with unleashing a little of the 300's might ha ha. Couldn't imagine what that extra 3000 rpm above what I am using would bring about. Ok actually I know, it would be like that amazing pier jump Jamie Busto did, except I would be left on my butt and my bike would be cartwheeling through the air ha ha ha ! 5. Dang this happens fast, but tonight I was getting less sensory overload, and processing a bit more of what was happening VS just releasing the clutch and next thing I know I am up top.

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-09-28 00:46:52 UTC