#rollbackchallenge I too spent some time today on rollbacks. Cheated a little by doing them in gear and engine running - too tiring stepping off/on/off/on. Luckily my clutch releases pretty free. Played with different brake combos - front, front&back, back. Also played with applying and releasing in different order - front first, rear first, simultaneous. Definitely shorter, quicker action with both on, and when I could coordinate releasing the rear nicely I got some good clean rollback. Changing the brake release timing/order made very noticeable differences, but I'm yet to really nail down exactly what the differences are. I did find compressing with both on, then releasing rear as the front bottomed gave a sort of "best of both worlds" feeling. No idea how I'd apply that yet though! Also tried some front hops with rear only and then both. Rear only felt seriously "soggy" and slow!

Posted by Peter Mack at 2021-09-25 06:41:43 UTC