#FEELINGS Hi everyone here’s my backward challenge I had a crack at! I hope it’s ok and helps 👍 Front brake Felt great, went with the flow rate of the rebound and felt nice and smooth into reverse. I rolled back the best distance out of 3. Back brake Felt yuk, I found it really difficult to find better timing. The forks rebounded too quickly to the point the front wheel even left the ground. I hardly reversed. All my energy went upwards and felt like a massive waste. Both brakes Improvement on the rear brake only technique! But the bike felt horrible and stiff with restricted suspension travel! Definitely managed to not waste all my energy from the front wheel lifting up though a lot of backward motion went to waste. But on a plus side if I only need to move back a little bit this technique may work for me because I felt better balanced once I released all that energy and reversed a little Big squats vs little squats!!! Unfortunately all I could really notice was is If I bend my knees forward which naturally got me squatting lower too maybe??? I can release more energy into a reverse motion by using more travel in the forks?! Another feeling is when it feels good it feels good! You become one with the bike! You’re not trying to pull the bike along backwards like it’s on a leash! No practice here! Just went and did it! You may get a little laugh here too 😆

Posted by hackett.neville at 2021-09-22 09:09:50 UTC