Hello troops it’s me again! On my quest to become a better trials rider, I’ve been trying to challenge myself every ride. My two challenges are to ride something that scares the shit out of me, and to ride something that’s sliiiightly too technical for my ability. It’s hard to do this in my backyard, but luckily I can still find a sneaky new line here and there if I’m creative enough, and the pallet palace is daunting enough to make do 😂 The first four clips are of my first attempts at punching my splat wall. This wall has always scared me, but after today I’m feeling better about it! The last four clips are of a new techy little line that required some weird technique that I’m sure will be useful in the future if I practice it. Hope you guys enjoy, and I love seeing what people all over australia are working on on their trials bikes!!

Posted by Jenna_Lupo at 2021-09-16 10:31:01 UTC