@Neil Price I just wanted to say a "quick" thank you for the advice on cornering, downhill braking, and accelerating on the clutch given multiple times over the last year or so. Also for the live vid a few weeks ago about weight back. All these things came into play over the weekend. It was a very technical event with lots of hillside turns,slick rocks and roots in the turns, short run up to uphill logs, and plenty of small loose rocks sprinkled in. In the past these are the things that would see me fall apart pretty quick. Yesterday my card wasn't pretty, but from the sounds of it nobody else's was either. While I didn't make the podium I was only 4 points off of second I believe. Travis Juif kicked butt with a 10 point lead so congrats to him ! Anyway, while I had some mistakes and errors, overall the confidence I had yesterday or rather came away with was great. I rode things yesterday that I know I couldn't of a year ago, and likely not even 6 months ago. I post a lot of vids of me mucking about with things that are just fun and "flashy", but there has been a lot of time spent not on video working on "the basics". I know I have been the one to put in the peg time and work, but thanks to Neil I knew what to work on and how to work on it! Thanks again !

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-09-13 16:05:47 UTC