ROLLING BACKWARDS CHALLENGE ****Please read all the instructions*** This is a little challenge to help you all to get moving more in time with, and not against the damper! Moving efficiently with the bike and knowing when you can push and pull, will save you vast amounts of energy and will make you way more accurate and smooth. The Target of the Challenge, is with the engine off, to roll backwards as far as you can. The Goal is to develop more feel for the bike. The way to build the "feel" is to do this challenge with; - Front brakes only - Rear Brakes only - Both brakes - Small drop of the knees / small effort to move the bike backwards - Big drop of the knees / big effort to move the bike backwards Please post your thoughts and use the hashtag #feelings. I want to hear how it feels to you, when you try each of these ways I mentioned above. What do you notice in the bike? how much effort is required etc etc. No matter how irrelevant you think your thoughts are let us all know (it can be just a text post or a comment on someone else's post if your a little shy!) For those who can't static balance well enough yet use a wall or a brick or anything to hold your front wheel against, then go from that! I really want to hear thoughts from everyone, but these people especially! 😜 @Jenna_Lupo @Simon T @Andrew von Berky @hackett.neville @deletedmember @countrytoolsdenmark @Sue Baldwin @SammyBr77 @ian.pickering @deletedmember @Joe Bergic @PaulPeacock

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-09-13 23:10:36 UTC