Inching toward having another crack at my big stump (first attempts about a month ago). I've been working through Neil's hit list of skills to develop from those first attempts. 1. Front wheel hit lower - getting a little better, although somewhat erratic. Still surprises me how much lower I need to drop it to get best effect, sometimes I think I've messed up and dropped too low - then the bike just flies up into the air, usually catching me totally by surprise! If you're not scared, it's too high! 2. More revs - When I concentrate on it then OK I think, but not automatic yet. 3. Add front brake - has taken a bit of a back seat, so today I spent some concerted time on that. The overall result wasn't that great, but that's fine - I just wanted to get the brake timing better, I think it's heading the right direction. Adding front brake to the punch complicates increasing revs for me as the hand is a bit "blocked", and coordinating throttle, brake, clutch and body is getting well close to, if not past, my mental processing limits! I also decided it was time to start working on riding up on & drop off the stump so I have the confidence to really commit to punching up onto it when I try next. Finally I had a bit of fun trying to ride my double step without touching the front on the 2nd step.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2021-09-13 12:16:30 UTC