Uphill Obstaces - Ride / Punch / Splat blend @Neil Price As I've been messing about with punching on different obstacles I'm finding that "pure" punching feels best suited to downhill, flat or slightly uphill obstacles, but as the approach gets steeper I just can't afford to really stop the bike, I need to carry some momentum. Even on modestly undercut obstacles on a steeper slope I can afford to use a sort of gentle punch/ride blend, or I can use a bit more of a "lazy" splat, maybe more of a ride/splat blend. I'm wondering if there is any sort of rough guideline for when to go to more of a punch/ride blend or when to go toward more of a splat/ride. Currently for me it's rather random which one I use, and they both get me over most of the things I'm trying moderately effectively. The video isn't really particularly relevant, just a log I was playing on yesterday 😌

Posted by Peter Mack at 2021-09-12 05:49:33 UTC