Hey @Neil Price I just wanted to say thanks for your tuition about downhills. I've always been freaked out by downhills and with good reason as I so often slid off the track into trees or lost confidence and put a foot down and then endo'ed the bike. What you advised to do, moving forward and feeling the force thru the wrists, and seeing how far you can go, was exactly the opposite of what I thought (just get your bum right back as far as you can!). Soon as I started moving forward and feeling it out, I improved and got more confidence. I'm doing so much better. I'm not gonna say I'm epic at downhills but I'm so much more confident and can steer my way to stay on track even on steep slippery curved downhills.

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-09-10 11:23:57 UTC