A couple of clips, I think only the first will show inline, the other has a link. Mostly just for amusement, but any insights welcome. First one is punching today. After nearly 3 weeks of working most days on hitting lower there is an infinitesimal improvement ... occasionally. The less vertical the face the easier because my wild inaccuracies are less significant. It is so hard to change ingrained habits! https://vimeo.com/599478517 Second one is from yesterday and today beating myself up hopping. I see a few things here. 1. Look up. When I let myself look down near the wheel I end up too far forward. 2. Still need to slow down. It feels pretty slow, but obviously isn't. 3. There's something seriously funky going on with my lateral body position but I haven't nailed down how to correct it. Without the video I'd have had no idea about this one. 4. Today's (I ditched the helmet & vest for this today) small hops were heading the right direction I reckon (hope). 5. I need 40 year younger knees! https://vimeo.com/599458556

Posted by Peter Mack at 2021-09-07 11:43:37 UTC