@Neil Price quick question..., Tonight Stacy was resting on the bash plate on top a log. The log was just high enough to barely have the rear tire off the ground. In helping Stacy to learn to roll off it I got on her bike and gave some examples. I guess I haven't really though about it much, I just do it. So tonight in giving the example I realized that I am able to almost get the rear tire to roll up and over the log using just my body. I make up the difference by a momentary slip of the clutch and in most cases not even any throttle. The result is a very minimal to zero wheel spin roll off the the log. Thinking about this more I am roughly 50 pound heavier than the bike, where as Stacy is obviously lighter than the bike. When teaching people at the same weight or lighter than the bike does it matter. I mean when I push the bike I am the heavier object so I win all other things being equal, but how does it effect a lighter rider? Hopefully this is making sense. Video is not of the log in question and in fact Stacy has been able to roll off this big log, it is just to show an example of how I am doing it for reference. In the case of the log tonight it was much smaller dia. and the tire more hooked on the log so it was a more physical effort, but same technique.

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-09-05 01:16:52 UTC