@Jenna_Lupo FEEDBACK - Hopping the front wheel I hope this makes sense, I know it is a little off from what you where asking specifically about, but I think this is the best direction for you. I would break down the items to Action like this 1. SLOW THE SPEED - Work on hopping on the spot with only just enough movement to hold your balance so you can. Timing with the suspension is more important than even your balance! Even if you do it one hop at a time 2. DROPPING WITH YOUR KNEES - and then pushing back from the compressed forks. A Great way to do this is to balance and see how far you can roll backwards from, pushing back off the front wheel. 3. OFF CENTRE YOUR PUSH BACK - After you have those in place, off centre yourself on the way down, then push your hips back off the compressed forks and then bring the bike back under you to move sideways. Go small, Always go small, big bites are hard to correct when you get them wrong! 4. WORK ON THE SQUAT and the power you can get out of it Let me know if anything doesn't make sense #Hopping #timing

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-09-01 22:30:44 UTC