Yesterday I went out and found a nice friendly log and Punched the heck out of it. I wanted to focus primarily on the first part of the action, wheelie and wheel placement. It was definitely a case of taking a step backward to go forward. My wheelies started to get a bit longer towards the end and i started to feel that added time to process picking up rpm etc which was exciting. This video is my best attempt for the day, its not perfect by any means. The wheel placement is too high, wheelie too close and my jumping isn't perfect either but i feel i've refined the initial part of the movement a little. Last year the idea that i could get any rear wheel lift on to a log just seemed impossible so it is important to remind myself how far it has come and i am making progress from time to time. A bit sore today but definitely content with the progress im making. I hope everyone has a great weekend

Posted by Wes at 2021-08-28 23:26:38 UTC