Hey @Neil Price I just watched last night's live ... I am guilty of thinking "yeah, yeah I know that" but I end up thinking wow, those are brilliant gems of info that I need to hear! Specially things like how the rear wheel moves around less, so staying over it means you're not being thrown around so much by the front. An "Ahah!" moment there! I'll be riding with a position like a well behaved schoolgirl from now on, and muttering to myself about "straight arms!" all day too. Thanks again Neil, your insights are incredibly useful. BTW yesterday I found some steep slippery hills (eg in the below photo) and worked on the downhill "move forward and feel thru the wrists" with lots of success. I have never been able to change line like that going downhill before. Cheers and thanks very much again.

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-08-25 23:32:37 UTC