Yersterday after being crook for the past week i got out on the bike to go searching for potential "downhills". I normally ride my mtb twice a week and try to ride my trials bike just as much so you can imagine it was like a kid getting out of school for the day. My usual go to is the banks of the murray river however the river is about two meters higher than usual, so i had about two meters less to work with. I also need to get practicing for the vic titles coming up in just over a weeks time, where ill be moving up to C+. Having won three out of my last four trials in C i figure its probably time. I was happy when i came across this little section, its about as good as it gets for elevation around here. Anyway if you've read this far thanks for watching, have a great day. ✌️

Posted by Wes at 2021-08-11 23:33:07 UTC