FEEDBACK @Svobodna01 Punch Development and Ride Technique Innes, this is fantastic progress you are making. I know you may think otherwise, but your timing of clutch, body and bike is coming together really well! I can see the development from previous discussions we have had. MAJOR POINTS Ride Technique - Just shift your "GO" to much closer to the obstacle. Other wise its looking fantastic! The leverage you are getting is much better! slowly bring the GO moment closer, just by slow and small increments. Punch 1. Get the bike Stopped more 2. Push down into the bike To achive both you want to bring your upper body closer to the bars as you and the bike drop, then push down into the handlebars, to get the bike fully compressed and stopped! That is the only change for now! AS was mentioned in the comments, you are soooo close 😜 πŸ‘

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-10-20 09:33:31 UTC