Feedback to @treesner on Cody Webb "over the bars" This is really RSG but with an acceleration of the body to match the acceleration of the bike. Major Points Process 1. Start back and Raise RPM 2. Accelerate body forward ready to compliment the bikes sudden acceleration 3. Stand or Extend and Clutch Release momentarily before the combined COG is in front of the force from the rear wheel 4. Hold tension/leverage through the movement pulling on the bars and push through the pegs One significant point I forgot to mention in the video, is there is also a significant difference in where the combined COG is on the enduro to trials bike. but the overall technique is the same. Taller riders will look more extreme to get the COG in front of the force from the rear tyre. Otherwise I'll let the video cover it! 😜 👍

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-09-27 05:10:17 UTC