Splat to Stop Recently I've been working not so much on improving specific techniques as making everything more accurate and smoother. Here's a few attempts at landing a small splat to a dead stop. My aim was to land on the top corner of the rock with the brake locked, let the front settle to the ground & then ride off. Still a way to go, but I was moderately pleased with the last two. I notice in the extension there's some funky stuff going on where I extend, then pull my feet up (you can see they come right off the pegs in a couple) before extending out to the rock (or not depending on the attempt). Not sure if part of it isn't tied in with moving my foot onto the brake. Also need to tidy up the start of the extension and clutch timing (little bit later in the extension I reckon).

Posted by Peter Mack at 2023-09-27 04:12:54 UTC