@Neil Price could you explain this super far over the bars technique cody webb did at our last hard enduro. This canyon was super steep with a powdery run up that was very short and the front wheel was kind of already up high. When I got to it just didnt feel like I would be able to make it because it was so steep so I ended up just teaming up with someone to pull the bikes up. I feel like when I've tried to do the lean forward static hits like this I end up getting so much wheel spin and dont go anywhere but somehow cody got the drive. is the clutch like a smooth out as leaning forward then full drop when you're way in front of the bike? Cody is super tall so maybe its a bit exaggerated but I feel like ive seen clips of Mario Roman dropping his head over the bars on some hill climb stuff too #askneil #staticzap #hardenduro

Posted by treesner at 2023-09-22 20:32:00 UTC