So no vids or pics, but an observation. When I was on the Scorpa last night I could not bring myself to get my legs straight when slowing going over a log and trying to hold pressure. Tonight back on my R2 I did the same exact log and my legs went straight as they should. My question is why? My initial thoughts are the wheelbase and CG. Differences between the bikes. The Scorpa much like TRS seem to really like to be up on the back wheel and to me feel like they have bias for it. I think the Vertigo design is maybe a bit more front heavy. I know when turning the Vertigo seems to require a lot more weight bias to the rear, where as on the Scorpa I can be a little more neutral and just hang off the side. On the Scorpa I felt like if I would of straightened out my legs fully I would of flipped. I guess if I relearned the angle the bike likes to be at to be balanced or maybe more so yet the speed at which the Scorpa gets to that point I would be able to get my legs straight and pushing into the obstacle harder. I also noticed the wheelbase(timing ) difference when doing the rear end pivot off the log on the section I've been working on in the last few vids. Idk just some observations. If anyone wants to chime in or share similar experiences cool. If not just disregard. Its all good :) . Just thinking out loud in the group. Hope everyone is well 😊

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-07-27 01:36:21 UTC