Feeling rather smug that I did El Capitan, I (humbly) think reasonably "properly"!! No video, you'll just have to believe me. It's a great feeling, after being a bit despondent about my lack of progression when practising with Nev yesterday arvo. I felt like I was enjoying playing around on the new areas I've cleared, and did a few smaller steps with RSG. I wasn't going to, but El Capitan was there and I thought "why not". I tried the easier bit first, more rounded and less high, did my best "go slow and break it down", and snapped up it nicely. So I crept up to the tall, vertical square edged part of the wall, doing the same thing but with lots more RPM, and thinking about @Neil Price's "hypotenuse" diagram, and got ready to make the back wheel travel the longer line and wow, it got up so cleanly. In a way it's not wow, because when it worked, it didn't feel all that dramatic. Tomorrow is Friday Arvo practice, and I know I'm likely to stuff it up once someone is watching!! But inside, I know I can do it!

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-07-22 08:16:08 UTC