FEEDBACK for @Shawn McGinnis Triple Logs This is a pretty impressive ride Shawn! That is very tidy! I hope this covers all you have asked. There is possibly more than you asked for and I may be "nitpicking" and getting a little too excessively detailed, but i know you like the detail and being be held to the highest standard 🤣. I still can picture you at a machine at work riding through in your mind!! 😜 These are the major points that I think will really make a difference for you at this stage! - Bridging the Gap 1. Start with front a little lower on the last log, 2.Don't come forward with your body, drop to the rear wheel, 3. Wait a touch later for the bike to be fully compressed before you release the clutch, 4. Allow the bike to rotate, and body to stay back a little more. (yes you do need to travel forward also but let the bike get there before you do) - Dropping off the log Do this on the clutch not the throttle. Likely you would want to play on a single step or log with a drop and just play with holding on the clutch and slowly creeping up the face

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-07-04 08:40:35 UTC