@Neil Price. Due to a recent bout of "the plague" I have spent a lot of practice time working more on the slow challenge(bout all my airways can handle lol) . I even found a small rock close to the house to practice on. So something I have noticed happening is a build up of tension, or rather energy as I approach the almost stopped / stopped and balanced point. I am guessing this is from the "fight" going on as I approach the pinnacle of my objective. This fight being the energy in the engine/tire trying to overcome the resistance of the climb up the rock, and my body trying to counter balance the bike. I can feel this same thing in the video I posted a while ago in front of my house where I stopped and balanced on one wheel for a couple seconds. I eventually loose the battle by either rolling over the obstacle, loosing traction,pulling the clutch and dropping the front back down, or dropping to one side or the other and taking a dab. Idk that I really have a coherent question in all this. Just an observation of what I am feeling and if there is anything that you want to reply to great. If not I'll keep going and see what happens :)

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-07-21 20:13:11 UTC