Told @Neil Price I would give the #stationaryride technique a try. These are some of my best attempts. Lot of work needed I think. A few observations though. One I am releasing pressure midway. I feel like some of it is mental, as I am mentally satisfied with the angle of the bike and don't want to increase it anymore, thus releasing a bit of pressure to hold it where it is. Secondly when I was working on doing ride technique up my old splat wall. We could see my arms extending as I stood and then pull. The thought was the 300 was overpowering me, but here the same thing is happening here and the bike isn't even moving yet. That makes me think it is a body movement/timing issue going on, and not simply the bike pulling away from me. How to fix it I don't know. I am sorta feeling like my stand is completing before the bike is coming up, thus pulling my arms out to allow the stand to continue all the way up. If my leg extension slowed down, perhaps we would see more even movement of my body. Just a thought. Would love some feedback on this, just don't want to distract Neil from feedback on my previous vid lol. Oh and the log in the middle was slimy and nasty. Limited traction, weird angle. I was mostly doing it for "fun". I couldn't get myself stay pressing with my legs at all on it. Still a fun, challenge.

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2023-07-01 23:14:28 UTC