#askneil Here is the obstacle I was speaking of the other day. The more I watch the slow motion the more convinced I am I could treat this as a double punch maybe. If that's the case I just need to get a good punch on the first log, and then a smooth balanced touch down with building revs to take advantage of the suspension compression on landing. Regardless though of what final technique I decide on I would like input on what I am attempting currently, but I wouldn't mind some other ideas on how this could be approached. I could see doing it on just the back tire (someday lol), stopping like I am currently, or doing a flowing double punch as stated above. As a side question... punch on that initial log.... higher wheelie, hammer down a bit higher up on log, and focus on rotation vs height, or....???? The log, because of the dip, is a tall face. From the start point of the wheelie to get a solid impact more on the face it is a pretty level angle relatively speaking. it feels weird on the approach. That first part is probably going to end up being the hardest part. BTW that was not a failed punch attempt, it was very much a double blip. Not very reliable and I will be transitioning to a punch as I get it dialed in on less consequential obstacles.

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2023-06-27 00:30:05 UTC