Dear Trial Community! My story is that recently i discovered that my trial's passion is the addiction, rather than you know, real joy.. Aftern 2 years of riding i discovered that it is not bringing the same level of emotions like it was doing before , as with every sport (i was doing), after 1-2 years i'm becoming bored . anyway, that is just the background to my question. So, once i realised that trial controls me (for example i almost bought 2nd new bike just in case, exactly the same as my current one(i'm not rich ;)) or i was thinking to move to Australia to train...), or i haven't been anywhere for one year, and normally i enjoy spending time in mountains etc., i would like to ask a practical question: how many trainings weekly is enough to slowly, steadily progress in trial? :) I feel i can have a great joy from 1 training per week currently, sometimes two. will that be enough to see a progress? I dont want to skip trial, but i'm not able to train 3,4 times per week.. any opinions? thanks!

Posted by at 2023-06-25 08:55:43 UTC