I have a question: after how many hours do you change you trial bike and why? Because it gets unreliable, because you want something new, because it's all banged and broken, or something else? Fair warning, this is going to be rant, because I haven't been riding for 10 days (which will last at least a fortnight more) and I'm in a bitchy mood because all of my motorbikes are unridable at the moment, and to the rest of my 'normal' world that's really nothing to get cranky or fuss about it.🤬 I have 2 years old X-trainer with cca 250h on it, and I've ridden it 3 times since April: 1. My starter cable lost contact- I managed to still ride trough the day, 2. my throttle cable wore out at the bottom and jamed at WOT- we towed the bike, 3. my starter failed (I think it's the starter clutch bendix again) towed/rode back home.😑 I got my spare bike, KTM 350 (yes, I still hope for a miracle to get back to riding/traveling in the Sahara), out. It had a Recluse fitted by the first owner and I left it that way. I took it for a short ride after it wasn't ridden for half a year aaaand the clutch started to slip pretty badly after a few kilometers🙄 Back home... No biggie right, I bought myself a brand new trials bike at the end of september. So that it's problem free and low maintenence is needed. Besides, because of the kiddo I do't have time to ride enduro much, and spend more time on trial now. Right? Wrong! I got a clicking sound in the upper triple tree bearing. Retighten the tripple tree nut- works just for an hour. I take it apart to change the 'I thought it's faulty' bearing just to figure out my frame is distorted -the bearing cage has a few milimeter of free play in the bearing seat. Beta is sorting this out and I should get a new frame soon but still it's just one thing atop of another and another and another and I sometimes I ask myself, why. I do put my bikes through their paces, no doubt about it, but I also maintain them on a regular schedule, hell, I even have a list of things I did at what hours and dates including thightening which screws, straightening handlebars, lubing things up/checking things besides the regular stuff, because I want my bikes to be reliable. And it pisses me off that I have 3 bikes at home and I can't ride any of them😵‍💫 I know hard enduro and trial bikes take alot of beating but considering I expect to ride cca 150h/per year and I started to rise without a minder often, so my trials bike does crash quite often. At what hours/state of the bike do you consider it's better getting a new one vs keeping the old one. I might have a chance to buy and old stock-the same bike I already have (125) 2022 factory very cheap compared to the prices of 2023. I'm playing with the idea of buying as a spare bike or a bike to take parts of as they get broken etc? I'm not sure my current bike will 'live' to do 300h with me and be in a decent shape. Thank for reading trough my pissed off ranting, writing it down made me feel a bit better.

Posted by Svobodna01 at 2023-06-18 12:33:27 UTC