Hi @Neil Price !! Hi All :-) We were talking couple of days ago (https://community.trialsandenduroskills.com/posts/1377?sh=UPMdRvIY) you said I should be training RSG/Drive technique starting bash plate on the log- to build the feeling the real wheel and the legs. To know when I'm driving up the face, and when I'm on the top already. If I understood you correctly. I've made that video today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbb2vUtaKqI Three different obstacles -the same topic, 3 tries on each.. First tries are miss probably - then I was focusing on slower stand up and pushing the legs. On the last log I'm quite scarred so I don't fully extend the legs (scarred of the front wheel being high). Can you give me feedback and say if that was is we are looking for? I'll setup a call :-) 2nd topic- I try to start landing on the log for punch. Can you also check me here? Just more repetitions needed or smth seriously wrong? https://youtu.be/NpSlpH_k12g

Posted by michael.szymandera.pl at 2023-06-10 13:54:17 UTC