Montesa 260 - question... I have currently TRS125. I'd like to ask what do you think about going to Montesa 260? - I like honda for its reliability - I'm considering going from TRS to Montesa. I'm on amatour level (currently working on ride technique - not even thinking on punch/splats). - I just prefer to have japanese bike over spanish one.. - Will Montesa slow down or speed up my progress? 260 4t will probably have much more torque on low rev which will probably encourage the regression to the riding on the throttle...? - Do you suggest me to stay on 125 2t? :-) - Is Montesa more difficult to ride (like to keep the front wheel up) than my TRS? I let myself to ask that question here, as it is not "GG or TRS" but 2T or 4T - which is a more general problem I believe :-) All point of views are welcomed - I don't have much experience in trials models. Thanks!

Posted by at 2023-05-29 11:47:52 UTC