Here are two ledges I've tried recently which are at the limit of my abilities. I also tried a big (for me) splatter for which I didn't get enough lift/rotation and hit front wheel at the top edge of an obstacle (luckily I didn't crash). From what I can tell, there is a common theme: - I squat, then release clutch a bit so front wheel starts raising; - I remain in the same squatted position until front is high enough, then I continue standing up; Additionally, in the first video I haven't reached full body extension and didn't push the bike forward at the top and lost traction. Any advice on how to rectify these mistakes? Maybe I should delay Go to force myself stand up faster without a pause. Any pointers or other mistakes I've missed are welcome! P.S. The first ledge was done on 1st gear, the second ledge on 2nd. #ridetechnique @Neil Price

Posted by Marsel at 2023-05-24 18:51:13 UTC