I think I had my scariest crash so far today. Just slightly overcooked the clutch as I turned after a log. Smacked into another log and ejected over the side. Landed completely on my face in the midst of the ugliest looking section of sticks & logs in this pic. Scorpioned right over until my heels hit the ground beside my head. As I went in I thought, "I'm going to lose an eye here". Unbelievably the only injuries are a graze to my nose and a sprained left middle finger. I'd cleaned up what I thought was the likely impact zones in this little section - this part was relatively easy and I really didn't think I'd be heading this direction if I came unstuck. You can see the track in the bottom right corner, I was turning right, coming from where I'm standing. Bike's done almost a 180 to where it is in the pic. Heart rate and adrenaline levels spike whenever I think about it still! Don't know when I'll be attempting this one next. Contemplating that full face helmet again. Take care out there.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2023-05-18 07:07:20 UTC