FEEDBACK @pinya1 Splat Technique Sergei I am sorry this and the next video were meant to upload last week, some how I scheduled it and other videos for next month some how 🤦 🤣. Your over all control and movement with the bike is really good! You were not sure what technique to call it, that is what I call "splat" technique. Some points to work on to improve the technique are; - Raise the RPM first Here you are using the throttle and clutch and they are not cleanly separated, this will reduce your lift, and increase speed into the face. Make sure the RPM is on first before you squat. - Don't help the bike In the Video you help the bike, with a lift your knees/feet. Unweighting has its place, but when you do in the wrong spot you reduce lift, as the geometry changes and bike pushes forward more than anything. This also introduces a moment of less traction. These are the two major points, once you have corrected them, we can look to other areas to improve. If anything is not clear let me know.

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-05-12 05:06:04 UTC