@Neil Price I went back to ground work and drills, I worked on : 1) keeping rpms on while hitting the obstacle 2) pulling in both; clutch and brake- stopping the bike 3) pushing into the bike and stopping 4) I failed to a stand up and don't release the clutch/brake because I't somehow so integrated in my brain that I tried for 20 min on 3 occasions and then I just gave up, because I could time the release a bit earlier/later but I could not not do it with the engine running. I had/have the same issue with front hops with running engine, it takes an extraordinary effort (and a few months) not to automatically blip a little throttle and slip a little clutch. The patern of 'that's how you make a wheelie/floater' is similar enough and just much more imbeded as the 'we're just doing a front hop with the engine on' so I have a hard time doing the correct pattern. I'm guessing here is the same, and it will take a long time for me to have the pattern in place and be able to execute just certing parts of it or change it to a different pattern with similar building bocks. I hope this makes sense. Here's a video of me combining all the above drills and trying to transfer it to the wall at the end. Now I feel I get the bike more stopped, I get more lift but somehow not enough forward motion. I'd be happy to know if I'm on the right path. P.s. I think I found my favourite way to fail punch: forget to release the front brake 😆 P.p.s. I tried to punch a higher rock last weekend as we were on a training ground. Watching video of my ground work, small wall and a bigger rock is a perfect way to see what happens when anxiety kicks in. I can see how much less I do with my body and how I miss the timing more and I'm scared to wait long enough as the obstacles becomes more intimidating in my eyes. #punch #askneil

Posted by Svobodna01 at 2023-05-11 12:31:18 UTC