FEEDBACK for @treesner on Ride Technique THIS IS A GOOD ONE!! First up, thank you for posting this video and question! It really highlights the benefit of good ride technique in a way that i hope i have explained clearly. The comments from @Peter Mack and were really on point also! In my view the core issue is anxiety or worry about the size of the step, and then that is reducing your controlled ride technique from occurring. Major points - The correct technique is "Ride Technique" on this type of obstacle. - You are riding mostly on the throttle as opposed to the solid single clutch GO. - When you do use the clutch it is clearly a 2 part process, which becomes a confused blend of ride and punch. - This all adds speed and then bounce back. - To correct it, we need to slow you down, raise the RPM and leave the "GO" till much later. It is literally RSG. But you want to leave it nice and late, and get comfortable with waiting till you are really close. Breaking that habit will be the bigger issue. - Make sure its a single clutch release, not a staged, partial release to lift the front, then punch into the step. - What the front wheel does is not really relevant, there is a margin of error that suspension and body will adjust. If you have any questions @treesner let me know!

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-05-04 06:36:19 UTC