FEEBACK @deletedmember Turning on Hillside Tim this is really fantastic riding, honestly there is nothing i can say to correct technique as such only extending what you already have! So the way I am approaching it is, there are 4 areas that you can extend, or get more out of your technique in training. There is no need to do it as such in sections or competition, but in training you can take it further. These all kind of over lap and affect each other, so if you extend one, it will improve the other areas. 1. Set a more stable base - You shift your feet on the pegs and go forward and back to use the rear brake, instead turn your toe outwards to clear the rear brake. The outside knee could go further out, particularly turning left (right leg out) 2. Correct more with your body than acceleration/deceleration - Put a greater focus on adjusting balance with your body + bike rather than accelerating or stopping. 3. Smooth out the clutch and brake use - Try to use the minimum clutch and brake use. Resist larger "pulses" of either. As you use smaller and smaller increments of each, you will develop more "feel" for what is occurring. 4. Get a little more weigh over the front wheel on down hills - Just an extra thought, just play with getting a little more over the front. I know its not really needed as such on this hill side, it will actually end up allowing you to be a little more efficient on steeper terrain, and allow you to turn more sharply in steeper places. Hope it all makes sense, and I am sure that you will know most of it but its always good to highlight all of it.

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-05-04 03:47:29 UTC