Working on ride-up tall steps, and riding them without a minder which is something I'm not really used to and it really scares me, but you can't get comfortable with something without trying, uh? I get up clean let say 7/10 times, so now I want to start stopping asap as I'm up the obstacle and continue in a controlled matter. I tried to keep my shoulders back as @Peter Mack suggested, but I think it's more the fact that I squat in a way I push my bum back instead of my knees forward- I have bad knees and it causes pain in my left knee, so I will have to find a way to work around it/compensate for it. I think I pull with my arms but I could extend my legs a bit sooner.  In the end I added a ride up on a square small wall because I asked @Neil Price what he thinks of my freshly serviced and resprung suspension. I think it tracks well and doesn't bounces me back, or do you see any problems/tweaks to be made there. #rideup

Posted by Svobodna01 at 2023-05-01 17:53:18 UTC