Sunday was first trial of season here in Vic., 4 laps of 10 sections. @Wes & I rode together in T3. Funnily we both ended on 95 points, Wes beat me with 2 more cleans though. At least we both came in sub-100. The winner was on 30. Wes set sections on Saturday so we started on a section he set that he reckoned was one of the easy ones. I immediately went over the bars on a large roll down. Good start to the day! For the most part the obstacles themselves weren't the major problem for me, it was the rocky bits between major obstacles that saw me lose a lot of points. Or in some cases difficult approach/setups onto the obstacle. I think low accuracy and lack of practice on tricky setups are the take away lessons for me. I certainly got my share of 5's, but I really got smashed by the number of 3's I took (14, totaling 42 points). I think I mentally gave up once I got a dab or two and paddled my way through. The first lap I just couldn't settle - tense, not clearly focused - dropped 31 points on lap 1 alone. Maybe more warm up would have helped, or not. @David Grice came a handy 3rd in T4+, congrats. It was a lovely sunny day playing on granite boulders, so despite a somewhat disappointing score it was a great day out.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2023-05-01 11:13:13 UTC